Our community has a radical anti-war position, which we openly express in our work, in our communication with other people. We firmly believe that military conflicts are not a solution to geopolitical and resource problems in the modern civilized world. All conflicts should be resolved exclusively through negotiations and non-violent means of influence, of which there are enough in the modern world. The leaders of influential world powers must understand this, sit down at the negotiating table and create together a new system of international security that truly works. The modern world is globalized and multi-vector. Just as any society consists of very different people, the world also consists of very different countries. Governments of all influential and neighboring countries are obliged to take into account the interests of other influential and neighboring countries and find compromises for peaceful life together. This is the most important task of politicians - to prevent wars. Human life is the highest value on our planet! It is unacceptable to use human lives for geopolitical games and resource competitions. But first of all, people themselves must understand this. They are not heroes, they are just being used. People must refuse to participate in any armed conflicts at any side. People must stop killing and accept the true value system in which human life is the highest value.
We support various anti-war movements, in particular:
Nonviolence International
We are not alone in this fight, the anti-war movement in rock music has existed for a long time, and it involves much more famous personalities, such as Roger Waters. There is no need to explain who this person is.